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What Do You Know About Truckers Insurance ?

Every day, millions of trucks traverse the roads and highways of the United States, transporting the goods that keep the economy moving. This profession is one of the most important to a country's economy, but it is not only important but also dangerous, and if you work in this industry you could face multiple risks.

Commercial Trucking Insurance coverage provides truck owners with the peace of mind they need to keep cargo moving quickly and on time. At Hazar Insurance we have multiple fleet and transportation insurance coverage options offering important benefits to keep fleet and transportation owners protected.

Anyone who wants to engage in commercial transportation is required by the government to obtain a US DOT, which is a unique identifier required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). In order to complete the registration process, it is necessary to have commercial trucking insurance. The registration process is very simple, just go to the FMCSA website and the registration will be online.

Not only is having transportation insurance essential for you to operate, but it also helps protect you in a variety of circumstances.

In order to protect carriers and their property in different situations, there are multiple types of coverages, some examples of these coverages are:

- Automobile Liability

- Physical damage to the automobile

- General Liability

- Motor Truck Loading

- Trailer interchange

- Hired Transportation Insurance

- Property in transit insurance

Obtaining a commercial transportation insurance quote is very simple, here is a little bit about the procedure:

First you need to bring basic financial information about your business, as a credit report will be run on your company to see if it is creditworthy to create an accurate quote. We also ask for information about the means of transportation:

- Manufacturer

- Model

- Model Year

- Cost of the new vehicle

- Gross weight of the vehicle, especially if it is a truck

- Current mileage

- Vehicle identification number (VIN)

Driver information is also required:

- Legal name

- Date of birth

- Social Security Number

- Driver's license number

Finally, you will be asked for a "Loss History," which is intended to provide information about any commercial vehicle insurance claims you have made during the past three years. If you have not suffered any serious losses during that time period, your insurance quote and premiums may be lower than usual.

Now that you know the importance of purchasing insurance and you know what you need to make your quote contact us to get started with your quote. At Hazar Insurance we are committed to give you the best insurance for you and your business.

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