Personal Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance provides protection against unforeseen disasters, burglary and fire. A standard homeowner’s policy insures the dwelling structure and the personal property inside.

Homeowner’s insurance comes as a package policy. This means that homeowner’s insurance covers both damage to the policy holder’s  personal property as well as coverage for  legal responsibility.

Legal responsibility is expressed in the liability coverage built into the homeowner’s insurance policy. Liability coverage is intended to provide legal protection against any injuries or  property damage the policy holder or people who are living on the premises, such as the policy holder’s family, might have caused to other people. This also includes damage resulting from family pets. Damages caused by most disasters are covered, however, there are some exceptions. The most common exceptions are  damage caused by floods, earthquakes and poor maintenance. There are separate policies available for flood and earthquake coverage.

In some cases, we can provide earthquake coverage in the homeowner’s insurance policy for an additional cost. This just depends on the insurance carrier. Maintenance-related problems are not covered and are considered to be the homeowners' responsibility. Insurance companies do not pay for wear and tear. Insurers do not pay for repairs. Insurers only pay for damages.

 In most cases, the homeowner’s insurance policy will cover personal property anywhere in the world as long as extended theft guarantee is included in the policy.  Certain property is subject to special limits. These items can be included in the homeowner’s insurance policy as long as the value is specified and in some cases, an appraisal may be required. In general, for the items that are valued at more than $2500, we highly recommend a separate Inland Marine policy that specifically covers the listed items. An appraisal is usually requested for items valued at over $2,500.